How do I buy? – Superb by Valentina

How do I buy?

General information

The customer can place an order on by adding the desired product to the shopping cart and filling out the order form.

The customer can place an order on without having to create an account.

After placing the order, the customer will receive an SMS to register it.

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Placing the order

The customer can search for the desired product using the search button or by browsing the product categories directly from the menu displayed at the top of the website; .

Adding the desired products to the shopping cart can be done using the "Add to cart" button.

After adding each product to the cart, the customer can access the shopping cart using the "View cart" button.

SC SUPERB by Valentina SRL recommends customers to check carefully every detail of each product, as it is presented on and also to check the shopping basket, to update the products or their quantity. The pictures of the products are informative, and the shades shown may differ depending on the brightness of the device on which they are displayed or individual perception.

After checking the shopping cart, the customer can access the "Send order" button, and will be automatically directed to the order form, which must be filled in with all the correct necessary information, so that the processing and delivery of the order are as safe as possible.

The customer can leave a message or make an observation, regarding the order or its delivery, in the "Your message" section.

The customer has the obligation to read the "Terms and conditions" and check the relevant box before sending the order.

The last step in placing the order is to press the "Send order" button, the customer will receive an SMS confirming the registration of the order.

Orders placed on will be confirmed by phone via SMS or email.

The customer can also order products by phone at 0743 162 742 / 0740 007 952 or by e-mail:, from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 and 20:00.

Order processing

The processing schedule for orders placed on is: Monday - Friday, between 10:00 - 20:00, delivery will be made on the next working day, between 10:00 - 16:00 .

By completing the order, the customer agrees that SC SUPERB by Valentina SRL can contact him for the following purposes:
· validation of the availability of ordered products.
· confirmation of the address and the delivery term.
· informing the client about the status of the order's delivery and about any problem that may arise during the processing and delivery of the order.

If the customer encounters problems with placing the order or wants more information about the products, the order placed, delivery or payment, he can contact us at the email address : or at the number telephone 0743 162 742 / 0740 007 952, from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 and 20:00.


The customer can cancel a placed order by contacting us at phone number 0743 162 742 / 0 740 007 952 or at the e-mail address

If the order was paid online with a bank card, the payment will be canceled and the money will be unlocked in the customer's account within 4-7 working days, according to the banking terms.

Payment methods


SC SUPERB by Valentina SRL will issue to the customer the invoice related to the products ordered on , as well as for any other costs related to the delivery of the order, in physical format, inside the package or in digital format, to the e-mail address communicated by the client.

If the customer wants the invoice to be issued for the legal entity, he will check the "Invoicing dates different from the delivery dates" option in the order form and will fill in all the information necessary to issue the invoice, according to the legislation in force.

Method of payment

The products ordered on can be paid by bank transfer, cash on delivery - upon receipt of the package or with an online card, through the online payment processor platform - Stripe. SC SUPERB by Valentina SRL reserves the right to, in certain cases, request payment in advance, by payment order/bank transfer.

• Cash on delivery payment - cash upon receipt of the order

If you chose to pay cash on delivery, upon receiving the order, you will pay cash to the courier who will deliver your order. Non-payment of the order results in the return of the parcel.

• Online payment by bank card (Visa/Visa Electron/Maestro/MasterCard).

If you have chosen the payment method "Online by bank card", it is necessary to fill in a form with the information about your card on the secure page of the payment processor.

- Payments with credit/debit cards issued under the Visa and MasterCard logo (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro)
it is carried out through the "3-D Secure" system developed by the organizations that ensure online transactions the same level of security as those made at the ATM or in the physical environment, at the merchant.

- "3-D Secure" ensures first of all that no information related to your card is transferred or stored,
at no time, on the store's servers or on the servers of the payment processor, these data being directly entered into the Visa and MasterCard systems.

Important to know! - No commission is charged for bank card payments!