How to – Superb by Valentina

How to

That is why we have been making shoes of the highest quality for 100 years, completely handmade and with the best materials.

  • 1

    Leather selection

    At Castellano, we only work with leathers from the North of Spain and Europe, selected with the appropriate texture and moisture grade to assure maximum comfort when you wear our shoes.

  • 2

    Leather clicking

    Our shoes are cut by hand, after a process in which, one by one, we analyze the leather, removing any defects and checking their thickness and softness.

  • 3

    Joining the pieces

    The stitching process is meticulously supervised by highly qualified workers so that all the pieces are well-assembled and complete.

  • 4


    All Castellano shoes are hand-lasted, one by one, by highly skilled artisans. This is a tradition that today is only carried out by Castellano.

  • 5


    This is both an essential and professional task. With the blade, we cut the remaining leather that we’ve tacked down, to fit the vamp perfectly in its place.

  • 6

    Removal of remaining leather

    Once it has been cut with the blade, the artisans pull firmly to remove the excess leather and leave the space where the vamp has to go.

  • 7

    Fitting the vamp

    After trimming, the vamp is placed into the hole and with the help of small nails and tacks, the vamp is fastened to the last…and everything is prepped for the big moment.

  • 8

    "Entrecarnes" stitching

    At Castellano, we perform a unique stitching called entrecarnes. This is a stitch that all brands aspire to, but find difficult to achieve, apart from the professionals that work for our company. It requires years of experience and vocation to be able to perfect it, along with special leather, unique threads, and talented hands.

  • 9

    Blake stitching

    Castellano soles are of best quality. We use premium quality glues to join the upper cuts with the soles. All the soles are stitched with nylon waxed threads to make our shoes safer and more durable.

  • 10

    Covering the stitching of the soles

    One of our secrets is to cover the stitching between the cut and the sole. This work, unique to Castellano, ensures that the stitching doesn’t rub against the ground and increases its durability.

  • 11

    Shining and polishing

    We finish off shining all our shoes, one by one by hand, with natural creams and waxes. Customers who wear Castellano know that their shoes look like new every day by simply running a soft chamois cloth over the leather.

  • 12

    Quality Inspection

    Once the shoes reach the finishing area, they must pass a quality check by at least 3 professionals. If a shoe has even the slightest defect, it is removed so that the final user only receives the highest quality shoes.

  • 13


    After the quality inspection, the shoes are carefully hand-packed into boxes by the hands of Castellano professionals, so that they maintain their shine and arrive in perfect condition. Each customer receives a work of art that will accompany them for a very long time.